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Standard redemption points are listed below. Occasionally we will run promos giving you more value for your points!

(from 250 points)

Unicorn Bubbacino 250 points
Mini Milkshake 500 points
Mini Hot Choc 550 points
Kids Churros 600 points
Mini Me Sundae 600 points

Fairtrade Coffee & Tea
(from 360 points)

Espresso /Long Black 360 points
Macchiato 360 points
Piccolo latte 390 points
Cappuccino 400 points
Latte/Flat White 400 points
Tea 400 points
Chai latte 420 points
Spanish latte 500 points
Affogato 600 points

Ice Cream
(from 490 points)

1 scoop 490 points
2 scoops 640 points
3 scoops 790 points

(from 600 points)

Spanish Choc Hazelnut Filled Churro 600 points
Cookie Butter Filled Churro 600 points
Two Filled Churros 1000 points
Churros For One 1000 points
Churro Fries 1000 points
Churros For Two 1600 points
Churros & Fruit for Two 2100 points
Churros For Two – Chocolate Journey 2400 points
Churros Fiesta 3500 points

Hot Chocolate
(from 650 points)

Classic Spanish 650 points
Azteca 650 points
Naughty & Nice 650 points
Milk/Dark/White Chocolate 650 points
Chocolate Crackle 750 points
Fairy Bread 750 points
Nerds 750 points
Honeycomb Crunch 750 points
Cookie Butter 800 points

Shakes & Cold Drinks
(from 700 points)

Peach & Lemon Iced Tea 700 points
Blueberry & Green Tea Infusion 700 points
Mango Smoothie 800 points
Berry & Pomegranate Smoothie 800 points
Iced Chocolate 800 points
Iced Coffee 800 points
Cookie Butter Frappe 800 points
Frappes (Chocolate/Coffee) 800 points
Choc Honeycomb Crunch 900 points
Choco Loco 900 points
My Oh My Lo 900 points
Birthday Cake 900 points
Cookie and Cream 900 points

Snack Packs
(from 1300 points)

The Original Snack Pack (mini) 1300 points
Chocolate Crackle Snack Pack (mini) 1300 points
Fairy Bread Snack Pack (mini) 1300 points
Nerds Snack Pack (mini) 1300 points
The Original Snack Pack (regular) 1700 points
Chocolate Crackle Snack Pack (regular) 1700 points
Fairy Bread Snack Pack (regular) 1700 points
Nerds Snack Pack (regular) 1700 points
Cookie Butter Obsessed Bunuelos Snack Pack (regular) 1700 points

Ice Cream Churro Bowls
(from 1500 points)

Cookie Butter Bliss 1500 points
San Churro Choc 1500 points
Happy Vegan 2.0 1500 points

(from 2200 points)

4 Tapas Dishes 2200 points
6 Tapas Dishes 3200 points
8 Tapas Dishes 4200 points