Gift Cards
Frequently Asked Questions


What types of Gift Cards are available?

Physical Gift Cards are available at all San Churro stores or you can purchase a digital eGift Card on our website and it will be sent via email to the recipient within 24 hours.

What is the minimum amount I can put on a San Churro Gift Card?

eGift Cards Can be loaded with amounts between $5 – $100, and physical Gift Cards can be loaded with up to $1,000

Can I buy a bulk order of Gift Cards?

You can purchase multiple gift cards from a store, however, eGift Cards can only be purchased one at a time. If you would like to buy a bulk order of eGift Cards please contact 

How long does it take to receive an eGift Card?

eGift Cards will be delivered to your chosen email address within 24hrs of making the purchase.


What can I pay for with my Gift Card?

Gift Cards can be used to purchase any San Churro menu or retail item in-store or online via the San Churro app or

Where can I redeem a Gift Card?

San Churro gift cards (both digital and physical) can be redeemed at any San Churro store or online via the San Churro app or

Can I use an San Churro Gift Card on a Food Delivery App?

Our gift cards can only be used in-store or online via the San Churro app or Gift Cards cannot be used on third-party Food Delivery apps.

Do I have to use the full Gift Card balance all at once?

No, you can use as many times as necessary whilst you have funds on the cards.

How long are the Gift Cards valid for?

Gift cards are valid for 36 months after the date of purchase. If unused the funds on the card will be forfeited by the customer.

Can I split a payment between a Gift Card and another payment method?

 If you are using a Gift Card in a store you will be able to split payment with another method.

How many times can I use my Gift Card?

You are free to use this card for any amount (limited to the total value of the balance on the card) until the balance is zero. If you do make a purchase that exceeds the remaining balance on your Gift Card our stores do allow split payments.


How can I check a Gift Card Balance?

Simply go to where you’ll be able to check your balance or visit a San Churro store where they’ll be able to tell you the status.

Will I earn el SOCIAL loyalty points if I buy a Gift Card?

Afraid not, el Social loyalty points are only earned when you purchase a menu or retail item.

Can I earn el SOCIAL loyalty points if I pay by Gift Card?

Yes, if you have scanned your card in a store you will be able to earn points if you are paying by a Gift Card.

Can more value be added to a Gift Card?

No, once a Gift Card has been purchased, the value on it cannot be increased.

Can I cancel my Gift Card order if I order online?

Unfortunately, once an order is submitted online, it cannot be cancelled.

If necessary, can I get a refund on a Gift Card?

 Yes, if the circumstance arises you will be able to have a refund on the Gift Card.

What if I’ve lost my Gift Card that had funds available on it?

 If you have lost your card or your eGift Card contact us at and we’ll organise an alternative for you.

What are the Gift Card Terms of Use?

The Gift Card Terms of Use set out all of the conditions governing the use of our Gift Cards. They contain important information that should be read and understood before you purchase or use a Gift Card. Please take time to view the complete set of terms and conditions by visiting


You are welcome to contact our support team via