Frequently Asked Questions


Be rewarded for every purchase you make in-store and also when you order pick-up or delivery via order.sanchurro.com!



What has changed and new with el SOCIAL?

el SOCIAL has had a makeover and is now offering more opportunities to be rewarded for your San Churro loyalty.

For every $1 you spend, you’ll be rewarded with 10* points. The more points you earn, the bigger the reward you can redeem on any of our menu items! 

Existing member?

We haven’t forgotten about you! Any previous hot drink rewards have been transferred to your new account with the equivalent points so that you can still redeem your existing free hot drink(s)!

As an existing member, you will simply need to reset your password here to be able to access the new program and your account. Your existing card will still be valid and able to be used in-store.

What happens with my previous el SOCIAL loyalty status?

Existing el SOCIAL members will have their status transferred to the new program and for every hot drink that was purchased in the old program they will be rewarded 100 points and for every free* hot drink earned, 500 points will be rewarded.

For Example, Joe had 1 free hot drink on his account and purchased an additional 3 hot drinks on the old el SOCIAL program so he will now he will have 800 loyalty points (500 points for the free hot drink and 3 x 100 for the other hot drink count). Usually, a new member will only earn 38-80 points for their hot drink purchase.  

If you have any questions or think that your points don’t look quite right, please email elsocial@sanchurro.com

Who can join el SOCIAL?

To be eligible to join el SOCIAL, a person must have a valid Australian address, a valid email address and be 18 years of age or older. Those under the age of 18 are eligible to participate in el SOCIAL provided they are over the age of 13 and have received parental or guardian consent in addition to the mandatory acknowledgement and agreement to the terms and conditions. San Churro reserves the right to request the parent or guardian to confirm consent of the individual’s participation at any time.

How do I join and activate el SOCIAL?

There are three ways to join el SOCIAL:

1. Download the el SOCIAL mobile app on iOS or Android, register your details and follow the prompts to verify your email address.


2. Register your details and follow the prompts to verify your email address.

3. Visit a San Churro and collect an el SOCIAL membership card. Register your card online and follow the prompts to verify your email address.

(Please note: you must use a valid email address when registering.  If you have registered before, you cannot register another account with the same email.  If you are having difficulty joining, please email elsocial@sanchurro.com)

I'm an Android phone user, can I still use the existing app el SOCIAL app on my phone?

Please delete the old el SOCIAL app on your phone (as this will no longer be accepted) and download the new version here. The new version will contain all of your account details once you’ve logged in and reset your password.


How do I get my Free* Birthday Churros?

On the 1st of every month all registered and verified el SOCIAL members who have a birthday that month will be notified via email and in the el SOCIAL mobile app that they can visit any San Churro store to redeem their Free* Birthday Churros offer at any time during that month. Verified members are entitled to one (1) complimentary ‘Churros for Two’ (RRP $16) or a ‘ $19* Churros Fiesta (RRP $35) during the month of their birthday.

To redeem, members must show their el SOCIAL app or Birthday Email PLUS photo identification to confirm identity and birth date registered on an account. Alternatively, customers can sign up to el SOCIAL at least one month before their birthday month in order to be eligible to receive their birthday offer. This offer cannot be redeemed outside of the above period, regardless of circumstances beyond the members’ control, including but not limited to San Churro closure, public holidays etc.

From 1 January 2021, verified members must have made a full-price purchase within 12 months prior to the start of their birthday month to be eligible. See full terms & conditions for Free* Birthday Churros.

Haven’t signed up?

Can I sign up after my birthday and still get the offer?

No, to redeem the birthday churros you must have signed up to el SOCIAL before the start of your birthday month in order for the offer to be loaded onto the account.

A new member who joins the el SOCIAL Program in the month of their birthday will not be eligible to receive a complimentary ‘Churros for Two’ or the ‘$19* Churro Fiesta’. They will, however, be eligible the following year if they become a verified member and have made a full-price purchase within the previous 12 months.

How will I be rewarded?

Earn points on your San Churro purchases so that you can redeem them for a free menu item!

For example, to redeem a free* $10 Churros for One, you will need 1000 points. Or to redeem a free standard coffee, you will need 400 points.


How do I access my el SOCIAL account?

There are TWO types of cards (plastic and digital) and there are THREE ways to access them:

•⁠  Plastic cards must be collected in-store and must be linked to your online account in order to activate it. To activate, complete the registration form
•⁠  A digital card is available on the mobile app on the profile screen
•⁠  You can also access a digital version of your card by logging into the website on a mobile device. Click on ‘My Profile’ and the barcode will appear

How do I activate my account?

To activate your account. you must verify your email. You will be sent a verification email once you sign up online. Please check your junk folder if you don’t see the verification email, otherwise please contact elsocial@sanchurro.com if you are having issues.

If you picked up a card in-store, you can register your details here or by downloading the mobile app where you will be prompted to link the card to the app.

How can I check my points?

You can check how many el SOCIAL points you have by heading to the app or logging into your account. You can also ask our friendly San Churro team members to check for you!

Can I earn points for the hot drinks or other items I purchased whilst el SOCIAL was being upgraded?

We communicated in January that unfortunately whilst we transitioned to the new and improved el SOCIAL, any hot drinks or any other items that were purchased during the transition could not be accrued or redeemed.

If you purchased an item after 25th May 2020 and did not receive points and have the receipt, please reach out to our team via elsocial@sanchurro.com and we’ll update your account accordingly.

How can I change my details?

You can update your account details via the el SOCIAL website or mobile app. If however, you need to change your date of birth because you accidentally put in the incorrect date, please contact elsocial@sanchurro.com

I lost my card. What do I do?

If you have lost your card feel free to collect another via a San Churro store and contact elsocial@sanchurro.com and we’ll be happy to transfer the points and your account over. 

Do I need a physical plastic card to join el SOCIAL?

No, when you create an el SOCIAL account online, you will automatically be issued with a digital card.

If you picked up a card in-store, you can register your details here or by downloading the mobile app where you will be prompted to link the card to the app by entering the Card Number in the appropriate field.

How do I cancel my membership?

We’re sorry to see you go, amigo. To cancel your membership, please log into your account and in the menu section go to “Permanently Delete Account” and follow the prompts.


What are the new loyalty points?

Every time you purchase any item with San Churro, you’ll be rewarded points*. You will earn 10 points* for every $1 you spend at San Churro using your el SOCIAL membership.

*Some menu modifications are excluded

How do I earn loyalty points?

IN-STORE: All you have to do is present your membership card or the “My profile” screen on the app or website to the San Churro team member at the time of purchase. 

ONLINE: When ordering online you will need to log into your el SOCIAL account and once logged in you will start earning points for every order.

How many points can I earn?

There is no limit on how many points you can earn, however, San Churro will be monitoring any signs of suspicious or fraudulent activity and reserve the right to remove points or terminate an account if we have evidence of this

Where can I earn loyalty points?

Members can earn loyalty points in any San Churro store in Australia and via San Churro online ordering.

How do I redeem my loyalty points?

Earned enough points to redeem rewards?

Once you have collected enough points for a free item, simply visit us in-store and let a San Churro team member know when you are ordering that you would like to redeem your free item. They will then scan your card or app to redeem.

You can also place your order on the app and website and choose to pay with your points at the checkout screen if you have enough for a freebie that is. So you can skip the queue and skip paying as well!

Can I earn and redeem points in different San Churro stores?

Yes, the new program is nationwide and you can earn and redeem points across all stores!

Can I earn points when I purchase a San Churro gift card?

No, you will not be able to earn points for gift card purchases.

Can I earn points with home delivery apps?

No, you can only earn points on orders placed directly with San Churro via order.sanchurro.com

*Delivery by San Churro is only available at selected stores only. Click here for more info

Can I earn points on discounted items?

Yes, points can be earned on some discounted items, however, cannot be earned in conjunction with national promotions or discounts. For clarity on a menu item please check with store staff.

Can I earn and redeem points on retail items e.g chocolate pouches?

Yes, you can earn points on these items and will be 10 points for every $1 spent.

If I have used my reward points to redeem a menu or retail item will I also earn points for the purchase of that item?

No, you will not earn points on the item if you have redeemed using points from your account. Points can only be earned using cash, credit or gift cards.

Can I exchange points for cash or gift vouchers?

No, points can only be redeemed for menu or retail items.

Can I transfer points to other members?

Currently no you cannot transfer points to other members.

Can I split the payment of the item by points and another payment?

Unfortunately no, you must have the required amount of points to redeem the free reward item. If you order other items with the reward item you can split the bill between the points for the reward item and another payment method.

Do reward items require more points on public holidays?

No, the points levels to redeem will remain the same at all times.

Will my points expire?

If your account has been inactive for 18 months and you have not used it for earning or redeeming points then your points and your account will be suspended. You will be notified of your membership on a regular basis so that you can keep track of the status of your points.


You are welcome to contact our support team via elsocial@sanchurro.com