Online Ordering FAQs


Need help with tracking, missing items or a refund?

Please call our team on 1800 248 776 (1800 CHURRO).


How do I order online?

Ordering can be done via the website or the el SOCIAL mobile app.


What can I order online?

You’ll be able to order almost all of your San Churro favourites and personalise how you usually would if you were ordering in-store. There will be some items that might be modified for delivery to ensure that they are not impacted by the travel (e.g. ice cream not being included on Churros Snack Packs).

Is online ordering available with all San Churro stores?

Yes, you’ll be able to place online orders for pick-up at all San Churro stores.  Online orders for delivery will be initially available in select stores only but will be gradually available across all locations. For more information on applicable stores visit

Do I need to be an el SOCIAL member to place an order?

Yes, to place an online order with San Churro you will need to log into your el SOCIAL account or register to be a new member.

Can I order as a guest?

Afraid not, you will need to sign up to become an el SOCIAL member. However, as an el SOCIAL member, you will be able to earn points for your order and you can use your points for rewards.

Can I pre-order for another time or day?

You’ll be able to preorder for both pick-up and delivery for the same day but not for any future date or time after that.

How in advance should I place my order?

For takeaway orders, it is recommended that you order at least 15 minutes before your ideal collection time.

For delivery orders we recommend at least 45 minutes, which is sufficient time for processing, making and delivering the order.

Is there a minimum order value for delivery?

Yes, the minimum order value for delivery is $15 (not including the delivery fee).

What if the menu item I want isn’t online?

At times certain items might not be available for online ordering. We will be updating the online menu to reflect menu changes or stock levels, but we will make sure that you’ll not be able to order an item that isn’t available.

What if I need to change or cancel my order?

You may change or cancel your Order if you contact the Nominated San Churro Store immediately after you have submitted the Order on the Online Ordering Platform or the el SOCIAL App. This will only be permissible if the payment has not been processed. You can also call our team on 1800 248 776 (1800 CHURRO) and they will be able to assist!

Please note San Churro accepts no liability or responsibility for incorrectly placed orders. Nor do we accept liability or responsibility for delivery details which are incorrectly supplied, or which you fail to supply. No changes or cancellations will be accepted after the Order has been submitted and payment processed. No refunds will be provided if you attempt to change or cancel your Order after submitting the Order and payment has been processed. If we allow you to cancel or change your order, we will determine whether you are eligible for a refund.

I placed an order online but didn’t receive a confirmation email, have you got my order?

There is a possibility that the confirmation email was placed in your spam/junk folder or the email address was entered incorrectly. Feel free to contact the store where your order was placed, our store staff will be able to clarify the order for you.

What if I've accidentally selected the incorrect store?

Depending on the time you placed your order and the status of it we recommend you contact the store that you did order from ASAP so that they cancel it. If they haven’t started or finished the order they will be able to work with you to organise a refund so that you can then reorder with another store. If the order is complete you will be charged. Please be extra careful when you place the order that the correct store is selected.

Will I be given cutlery with my order?

Depending on the menu items in your order, you’ll be provided with serviettes and picks to eat your tasty churros


What should i do if i’m running late to collect my order?

The best thing to do would be to contact the store where you placed your order and advise them. The store team will then do all they can to keep the order as fresh as possible.

What do I need to bring with me for my collection?

We recommend you bring your confirmation number that will be sent on the confirmation email and show it to the store staff on your arrival.


When will my order be delivered?

The delivery time will vary depending on your location and things that are out of our control (e.g. traffic, weather). You will receive an SMS with a tracking link so that you can monitor where your driver is and an ETA for them to deliver your order.

Who will be delivering my order?

If you live in select towns or suburbs in NSW or VIC the order will be delivered by Doordash and/or San Churro staff. If you live in other locations your order will be delivered by San Churro staff.

Can I place a delivery order for someone else?

When you place your order you will have the opportunity to change the address from the one on your el SOCIAL account to another one if you were to send an order to someone else.

Can I tip my driver?

During the online ordering process, there is no opportunity to leave a tip/gratuity for the drivers delivering your order. If you wish to do so when they arrive with your order that is at your discretion.


Why should I order directly from San Churro?

You’ll be able to earn el SOCIAL loyalty points for your order! For every $1 spent, you’ll earn 10 points* which can be redeemed for menu and retail items! You will also get access to exclusive offers!

Will I earn el SOCIAL points for my order?

You sure will. You’ll be able to earn el SOCIAL loyalty points on all menu items and will still earn 10 points for every $1 spent.


Can I redeem discounts/promo codes online?

You will be able to use discount codes for online orders and you will need to add this before completing the payment. Unfortunately, you will not be able to add after the payment has been made.

What are the payment options?

You’ll be able to pay for your order with any credit or debit card.

Can I pay for the order with my el SOCIAL Loyalty points?

Yes, if you have the required amount of el SOCIAL loyalty points for an item you can use them for your order. They cannot be used for any other fees or delivery charges.

Can I split the payment?

Unfortunately not, currently, you will only be able to use one payment method.

Can I pay for my order when I arrive in the store?

Payment must be made at the time of ordering online and cannot be done when you collect the order in-store or when you have it delivered to your home.

Can I pay with my San Churro Gift Card?

Yes, you can enter in your gift card details when you select your payment method when placing your order. You can also use your gift card in-store.


What should I do if I am unhappy with my order?

We’d be really sad if you were disappointed with the order but would like to hear the feedback. Contact us at and we’ll be able to review your complaint and respond ASAP. Any refunds will be handled by San Churro as set out below and in San Churro’s Refunds and Returns Policy.


Can I redeem my free birthday churros via online ordering?

Unfortunately at the moment, this will not be possible. We will let you know ASAP once this changes.

Are there any tips if i want to make my churros crispier or hotter?

If your churros arrive and you want to make them a little crispier click here for our top tips.

What will you do with my address details?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy, available on our website, for more details about how we deal with your information.

Why won’t the website accept my address?

We try our best to keep our address listings up to date, however some streets are listed in various formats, eg Mount/Mt making this hard to do. We also have a limited delivery area to ensure we deliver to our customers the freshest possible food. If your address is not accepted, you can call a store directly to see if they can take the order over the phone.