You know, it’s true what they say…

When it comes to matters of the heart, opposites really do attract!

That’s why we’re declaring our love for all things savoury with a brand New Menu of tantalising Spanish savoury treats. From empanadas to croquettes and toasties, there’s a savoury snack enticing enough to tempt even the sweetest, sweet tooth.


*Signature Savoury by San Churro is only available at select stores for dine-in, pick-up & delivery.


DATE NIGHT (2 pax)
SWEET: Churros & Fruit for Two
SAVOURY: Mac & Cheese Croquettes, Chicken Empanadas
DRINKS: Mixed Berries Smoothie, Mango Smoothie

CATCH UP (3 pax)
SWEET: Mixed Fruit Fondue, Spanish Churros Fondue
SAVOURY: Mac & Cheese Croquettes, Chicken Empanadas, Risotto Bites
DRINKS: Berry Besos Smoothie, Lemon Lime Bitters, Peach Iced Tea

FAMILY FUN (4 pax)
SWEET: Choc Marble Snack Pack, Churros for On, Mini-Me Sundae
SAVOURY: Beef Meatballs, Patatas Bravas, Mac & Cheese Croquettes, Vegetable Empanadas
DRINKS: Peach Iced Tea, Lemon Lime Bitters, Kids Milkshake

SWEET: Original Snack Pack
SAVOURY: Chicken Pita Pocket
DRINKS: Iced Latte

*Signature Savoury by San Churro is available at select stores only.