El Social
Temporarily Offline


Unfortunately, we cannot accept EL SOCIAL cards in-store until the new EL SOCIAL is launched. Apologies for the inconvenience amigos.

Can I redeem my birthday churros?

Yes! Simply present your EL SOCIAL card/app plus a valid ID with your date of birth to redeem in-store.

When can I start using my EL SOCIAL card again?

We hope to have the new EL SOCIAL up and running in March. An email will be sent to all our members once the new program is live so keep an eye on your inbox.

Can I redeem my free hot drink(s)?

Unfortunately, you cannot redeem your free hot drinks until the new EL SOCIAL is launched.

What about my hot drink tally and the free hot drinks I have accumulated on my account?

Your drink count tally and any free hot drinks you have on your account will be carried over to the new EL SOCIAL.

Can my hot drink purchases during this time count towards my free hot drink?

Unfortunately, no. Purchases during this time cannot be counted towards your EL SOCIAL account.

Can I sign up to EL SOCIAL (or) Why can’t I sign up to EL SOCIAL?

Our EL SOCIAL program is currently getting a facelift! Unfortunately, until this is complete, new members cannot sign up.

Have more questions?

You are welcome to contact our support team via elsocial@sanchurro.com