If you haven’t tried Cookie Butter yet, what are you waiting for?

Yep, we’re Cookie Butter Obsessed which is why we’ve brought you a new menu pretty much covered in Cookie Butter…

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Reasons we 🧡 Cookie Butter
1. It’s delicious & unique
2. It will never ghost you, leave you or ignore you
3. It tastes like hopes and dreams
4. Because peanut butter is cancelled

OG Cookie Butter fans already know about Cookie Butter’s unforgettable flavour. It’s the glorious golden treat you’ll have to taste to believe!


🥐 Cookie Butter Croffle 🥐

🍪 Cookie Butter Churros Snack Pack 🍪

🍨 Cookie Butter Sundae 🍨

☕ Cookie Butter Hot Chocolate ☕

🥤 Cookie Butter Frappe 🥤

🌋 Cookie Butter Chocolate Volcano 🌋

🍫 Cookie Butter Chocolate Brownie 🍫

Get any Croffle & Iced Drink or Fruit Smoothie for $16.90*!

Discover our NEW Cookie Butter Croffle or all time favourites Choc-Hazelnut Banana Croffle, Strawberry Sunrise or Dessert Dreamin’ to pair with your favourite cold drink.

*T&Cs apply. Price varies for delivery. Offer is valid for one Croffle and one Cold Drink. Offer excludes Real Chocolate Shakes and extras. Not available in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or discount, including el SOCIAL rewards.