Work with us

Someone once said "Forget love. I'd rather fall in chocolate". Feel the same way?

Like the Spanish, the San Churro family is a passionate bunch of amigos. We are passionate about chocolate and making people happy! We take great pride in our product and delivering a fun and indulgent experience for our customers when they come together in our chocolaterias.

It's our team of fun-loving, enthusiastic and down-right awesome people that have made our humble churros business such a success and we're always on the hunt for more people to join our family.

If you want to enjoy your job, laugh a lot, work alongside terrific and talented co-workers, share your passion for chocolate and make a whole lot of people happy in the process, then San Churro would love to hear from you.

Contact your local San Churro chocolateria directly to enquire about employment opportunities and discover how you can become a part of the San Churro chocolate crew. Find contact details here.

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