Our Sweet Philosophy

The colourful world of San Churro

Anyone who has ever experienced the colourful world of San Churro knows that our chocolate inspired menu is delicious, indulgent, addictive and a whole lot of fun! 

Like the Spanish, we believe that life is for living and that excellent quality couverture chocolate is a birth right that should be enjoyed by everyone. Inspired by good old Spanish hospitality, we dish up the sweet stuff with a side of fun (never pretension) and seek to create a welcoming space and vibrant atmosphere as the backdrop to our customers' indulgent catch ups!

Real couverture chocolate and traditional churros are the currency of San Churro and we are passionate about our product and the San Churro experience. That's why we insist on cooking our churros fresh to order and using the highest quality couverture chocolate sourced from Spain in all of our delicious desserts and drinks.

So what makes couverture chocolate the best and only kind of real chocolate? We're glad you asked...

Couverture chocolate = REAL chocolate

As with most things in life, not all things are created equal... and chocolate is no exception. Only couverture chocolate can be called REAL chocolate. What distinguishes REAL couverture chocolate from the inferior imitation confectionary variety is that it is high in cocoa solids and rich in cocoa butter, using only 100% REAL cocoa butter (no vegetable oil or other inferior substitutes). Only REAL chocolate gives you that extraordinary rich, bold chocolate flavour and creamy, melt-in-your-mouth consistency because it's made with more cocoa solids and cocoa butter and not diluted with other inferior ingredients and topped up with sugar!

So couverture is to chocolate as Rolex is to watches; by it's very title it is an assurance of legitimacy and luxury.

Technically speaking, couverture is a term that's used for chocolate rich in cocoa butter and high in cocoa solids.  It is the most superior form of chocolate available, denoting a promise of at least 32% pure cocoa butter – the magic ingredient that gives couverture chocolate that ‘melt in the mouth' delectability. 

How do you distinguish REAL couverture chocolate from the confectionary kind? Here's some tell-tale signs:

  • rich, intense chocolate flavour
  • high sheen and a glossy, smooth finish
  • brittle texture (snaps when broken)
  • creamy mouth feel
  • low melting point

When we're talking quality, the proportion of cocoa liquor to sugar is also important... the higher the ratio of cocoa solids (or cocoa liquor) the darker and more bitter the chocolate and more intense the flavour. This ratio is manipulated to produce the three flavours; dark, milk and white.

DARK COUVERTURE (60% cocoa solids)

Dark couverture is essentially chocolate liquor (cocoa solids) to which more cocoa butter is added and a small amount of sugar, vanilla and lecithin.  It is the high proportion of cocoa solids that give dark couverture it's seductively rich, intense and somewhat earthy chocolate flavours.  With no milk additives, this is as pure and unadulterated as chocolate gets. 

San Churro's dark couverture chocolate contains 60% cocoa solids.  Well balanced, with almost no bitterness, it renders complex fruity undertones, with a lingering smoky aftertaste. To be savoured, much like a fine wine.

MILK COUVERTURE (36% cocoa solids)

Milk couverture chocolate is creamier and much sweeter than dark couverture, with a less intense chocolate flavour due to the addition of whole milk solids and more sugar.  A real crowd pleaser, milk couverture takes itself a little less seriously than it's darker counterpart, and should be enjoyed with carefree abandon. 

San Churro's milk couverture chocolate contains 36% cocoa solids resulting in a rich, velvety smooth and sweet milk chocolate with subtle hints of vanilla that deepen to a gentle caress of caramel.

WHITE COUVERTURE (32% cocoa butter)

White couverture contains 32% cocoa butter, sugar, milk and vanilla, but none of the cocoa solids found in milk and dark couverture chocolate.  This omission removes the slight bitterness of darker chocolates, and imbues instead a succulently sweet and creamy disposition that is hard to resist.

San Churro's white couverture chocolate is sweet and buttery with a soft vanilla flavour and hints of honey.  It dreamily melts in the mouth with a silky, lingering caramelly finish.

See how we use couverture chocolate in all of our drinks and desserts... check out our chocolate menu.

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