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It’s almost time for summer and our brand new Menu has just arrived! The new menu launched in our chocolaterias today and is better than ever! We have a decadent array of tasty treats for your taste buds to try. 

There’s plenty of new tastes to experience like our melt in your mouth Salted Caramel Volcano, or our refreshing range of Margarita Mocktails! Not to mention the return of some old favourites like the much loved Cold Hot Choc or fluffy Funnel Cake Ice Cream Sandwiches. 

But what we’re most excited about it is our brand new Sundae My Way, which puts you in control of creating your most dreamy ice cream experience, with over 3 million potential flavour and topping combinations to be had!

We’re so thrilled to welcome you to come and try our summer range of delicioso treats today!

Drool over new menu: click here

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