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Franchise Partners Katie (pictured with CEO Geoff Sinclair) and Cosimo Faiello took out the Rookie of the Year award at San Churro’s annual gala awards earlier this year. The pair has gone from strength to strength since opening their first San Churro store at Cockburn in November 2014. They’re now embarking on their next challenge, taking on a second store in Fremantle.

“We have now been operating Cockburn for almost 16 months, sure, it took a while to get our work/life balance right, but we have an amazing team working with us and that is what gave us the confidence to embark on our second venture. We recently bought the existing San Churro store at Fremantle and are very excited about growing our customer base and establishing our presence in Fremantle,” said Katie recently.

When Katie and Cosimo decided to take a new direction as franchisees, Katie was able to take advantage of her background in the franchise sector working for a franchisor.  Whilst San Churro was their first choice for their new business venture, they undertook extensive research and due diligence before even contacting the San Churro Support Office.

Katie explains: “We knew that this was a business we wanted to be involved in, we were passionate about San Churro and loved the concept and product, but we were determined that we weren’t going to let our hearts (or our taste buds) rule our heads. It was a massive decision to give up our stable careers to move into a completely different industry, so we made sure that we fully researched the opportunity, compared other franchise chains, spoke to existing franchise partners, employed a good lawyer and asked lots of questions.”

Katie and Cosi’s first location preference was Carousel, but when an opportunity at Cockburn Gateway became available, they jumped at it.  “We studied the area and local demographic and felt that it was a perfect fit, the centre’s development plans were great and we were really impressed with the site that San Churro had secured. It was a big decision, as we were living a long way away, but we discussed our options and decided to relocate,” said Katie. 

“Friends and family thought we were mad taking on a brand new business and moving home, all with a 5 month old baby, but we were confident that we had made the right decision. San Churro’s training and support was excellent."

Katie added: "The support team worked closely with us, not only during our induction training, but also in setting up our store, selecting and training our staff, and supporting us in the store during the whole of our first week of operation.  We really value the importance of training for ourselves and our staff and really believe in empowering them to step up and take responsibility, but we also make sure they are rewarded for their efforts." 

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