Churros Snack Packs

Forget the HSP…. meet the CHURROS SNACK PACK!


The Original CSP - you're respected and dependable

Mini churros, Spanish chocolate, strawberries and bananas

Pash ‘n’ Pav CSP - you're sweet, on point and minimalist cool

Mini churros, Spanish chocolate, pavlova cake, fresh kiwi, strawberries and passionfruit pulp

Cookie Smasheo - you're fun and don’t take life too seriously

Mini churros, Spanish chocolate, smashed Oreo cookies and cookies & cream ice cream

Enjoy yours in-store or snack it on the beach, smuggle it into the movies; or UberEATS* it for a Netflix night-in!

Find your local San Churro here or...

Click on your state to see participating UberEATS stores:

(*UberEats available at selected stores only. Cookie Smasheo CSP not available on UberEats)

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